Digital Media

Production For Audio & Video

With over 25 years experience, RMP has the skills and expertise to deal with all elements of DVD production, CD mastering and pre-production work. Our DVD production and authoring service includes sleeve and DVD menu design, proof checking of preview discs and final master delivery. Our CD mastering, like our DVD production, offers a high quality service to ensure your music is ready for replication or digital distribution. Contact us for a quote on DVD production, CD mastering or our pre-production work – we have packages to suit any budget and timescale.

Digital Music & Distribution

We have the ability to create, maintain and exploit your digital catalogue to over 200 online retailers worldwide including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlay and many more. We have successfully released over 800 digital albums including creating artwork, compiling metadata and generating monthly reporting for our clients. Our digital distribution services ensure your catalogue is exploited to its maximum potential, generating more revenue for you!

Licensing For Music & Media

With access to thousands of music tracks and an extensive catalogue of special interest, films and music programmes to license, RMP can fulfill any requirement for product you may have. License individual music tracks or entire albums to create the perfect release for you. We can also license music and visual content for bespoke packages ideal for your customer. Visit our music licensing site:

RMP has also secured a licensing agreement with a large book catalogue, enabling us to offer a new range of music and audio products – book and CD/DVD packages.